Simply, there could be no one better!

“After losing my Mother, there was no way that I was able to take on mortgage payments for her house. Being a young woman and only child, I was deeply concerned of how I would be able to handle such a heartbreaking situation. Martha, was so delicate and understanding and helped me through this process every step of the way! There was never a moment where I felt overwhelmed or confused. She priced the house perfectly and was able to alleviate my panic stricken state of mind by making sure we closed on it in a timely manner. Everything worked out for the best and I could not be more grateful. What could have been such an emotional nightmare ended up being easier and more organized than I anticipated. So truly, I can’t imagine anyone else out there in this profession who is more helpful and genuine than Martha. An absolute blessing to have worked with her! I only wish I could use her as my agent in the future here in Mass!”